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Preplanning one's funeral provides many benefits. Most importantly it spares your family the burden of planning a funeral at an emotionally stressful time. Another is the peace of mind that accompanies the knowledge that one's personal wishes and desires will be honored at the time of death.

Click Funeral Homes in Knoxville provide many options when planning a funeral service prior to the time of need. Preplanning can be as simple as providing biographical information, or it can be expanded to include all the arrangements detailing the actual service. You can even make arrangements to finance a funeral for the future insuring that your family will not need to be concerned with money at the time of loss.

We would be happy to meet with you to help personalize a service. We also provide on-line preplanning. Click on the button below if you wish to begin preplanning on-line.

As always, please contact us whenever we may be of assistance. You may email us at Other contact information is available on the contact page.

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